Wizards You Can Test Drive for Free

Profitable Title & Smokin’ Hot Domain Name Wizard V2.1

Use this wizard to create laser-focused, profitable titles for your products, services, webinars, teleseminars, blog posts, articles, and more! PLUS, generate dozens of excellent AVAILABLE domain names to match! All the great titles and domain names are NOT gone… and this wizard will help you generate them – FAST!

Email Subject Line Wizard

Enter a few variables and PRESTO – out pop over FIFTY (50) hot subject lines proven to get people to click on and open your emails. Use this wizard to get your email marketing messages opened so you can make more sales, get more subscribers, and skyrocket your results!

Research & Idea Generation

Jim’s “Article Idea Starter” Express Wizard V1.0

The Article Idea Starter Wizard gives you dozes and dozens of idea starters not only for articles, but also social media and blog posts. Never run out of ideas for articles you can write or, better yet, HIRE someone to write articles FOR you based on these proven ideas you can generate with the click of a mouse using this new EXPRESS wizard.

Jim’s “Article Title” Wizard v1.0

Creates over 100 attention getting, eyeball-grabbing headlines for your articles that practically grab people by the shirt and FORCE them to read your articles! These article titles act like little reader magnets that get people to pay attention and read your articles (or even watch your videos)!

Jim’s “Title and Tagline” Wizard V1.2

Creates killer titles and taglines for webinars, books, ebooks, teleseminars, website headers, blog posts, free reports, and MORE!

Offers and Web Copy

Classic “Long-Form” Sales Letter Wizard V2.1.0

Long sales copy still sells (despite what the “experts” say)! But creating a long-form sales letter can be a scary task even for the most seasoned marketer. Luckily it’s the Classic “Long-Form” Sales Letter Wizard to the rescue! Follow the steps and before you know it, out pops the first draft of your long-form sales letter that uses the PROVEN formula used by the world’s top copywriters!

“Express” Sales Letter Wizard V1.4

This wizard creates fast, effective, proven sales letters that work! Depending on your market, price-point, or product you don’t always need a long sales letter. Sometimes a short, to-the-point, hard-hitting sales letter will do the trick much better. This wizard delivers exactly that – a great, short-form sales letter customized to your audience – FAST!

Killer Headline Wizard V1.1

Use this wizard to create dozens and dozens of excellent, attention-grabbing, money-sucking headlines that virtually hypnotize people and stop them in their tracks. Use this wizard to instantly craft killer headlines for sales pages, blog ads, articles, resource boxes, banners, text ads, and more!

Opt-In “Squeeze” Page Wizard V1.2

This wizard makes it a snap to create “squeeze” pages you can use to build up your opt-in email lists. Use them to offer free reports, free ebooks, and other bonuses, or use them as traditional “squeeze” pages in front of your sales letter. Also, this wizard helps you create PROVEN video / audio scripts to help boost your conversion even more!

Jim’s “PPT Opt-in Video” Wizard V1.0

Quickly creates the first draft of a proven video formula you can use to get more people to opt-in at your website.

Creates both the slide text and basic text for a web form you can put on a landing page or in the upper right in the sidebar.

Get all the right parts in the right place without thinking too hard about it so you can start getting a helluva lot more signups than you will get without it!

“PPT Video Sales Letter Wizard” V1.5

Instantly create the first draft of your PowerPoint Video Sales Letters AND the copy-and-paste *landing page* sales copy to put it on! So shockingly simple and powerful… now everyone can quickly put together effective sales videos without EVER getting in front of a camera!!

Jim’s “Presentation Pitch” Wizard V1.0

Creates the pitch for the end of your webinars, live talks or any other presentation you might give, either online or offline. This is the EXACT same wizard I’ve used to generate the first draft of my webinar pitches and you can use it to cut TONS of time from your preparation also!

Jim’s “Product Promise” Express Wizard V1.0

Quickly creates “Elevator Speeches” you can use online or in-person when someone asks you “What do you or your product do?”

Creates profitable product promises even FASTER than the old version AND gives you BETTER results…

Jim’s “Sales Copy Story” Wizard V1.0

Quickly creates a plot line for a SOLID sales story to use in your sales copy so you can put the power of stories to work quickly and easily.

You can adapt and use the story in written sales copy, video sales letters and more because it works for promoting virtually any product or service you can think to promote.

Jim’s “Short Headline” Wizard V1.0

Short Headline Wizard creates extra short headlines you can edit and use for news feeds, Facebook Ads, and anywhere when space is short.

Cut straight to the heart of the matter, attract attention, and get people to click through to your content and offers – FAST – with these short and powerful headlines!

Jim’s “Special Offer” Wizard V1.0

Will show you all the essential elements that go into a great sale announcement all in one wizard.
This wizard helps you get all those elements in one spot and create great copy for a Sale or Special offer on your website or blog.

Jim’s “Webinar Promo Master” Wizard

Creates all the promotion pieces you need to get tons of signups for both FREE and PAID Webinars, including: Opt-in Page Sales Copy, Tweets, Ads, Facebook Posts, Email Teasers and Follow-Up Email Messages, Facebook Event copy & more!

Content Creation

Jim’s “Content Sandwich” Wizard V1.0

This wizard makes it super-simple to come up with unique content you can use to “sandwich” other people’s content for effective content “curation!” Use this wizard to quickly come up with what you need to share videos, articles, snippets and more on your blog without having to create the content yourself. Content curation is one of the next big waves for building your credibility, search engine traffic, and blog content – all while leveraging OTHER people’s content to do the hard work. This wizard will save you hours of time and make your life a whole lot easier!

“Free Report Promo” Wizard V1.0

Instantly create opt-in pages, report cover letter, ads, and more to promote your Free Reports! So shockingly simple and powerful… now everyone can quickly put together all of the marketing pieces for using Free Reports to build your email subscriber list and your business – FAST!!

Jim’s “Simple Interview” Wizard V1.0

Interview Wizard creates customized questions you can use to create virtually any length interview you need. Whether it’s a full ebook, webinar, or article, you can take these questions and build whatever you need.

Frankly, this wizard might just be TOO good, because it takes away all the guesswork from sucking great, organized information out of somebody’s head – including your own!

Jim’s “Original Article” Outline Wizard

Creates an easy, fill-in-the-blank outline for all the original articles you could ever need to create. Simply do a little research to find 3-5 questions to answer or points to cover, enter the variables, and PRESTO – instant article outline for either you to write yourself or outsource to Fiverr.com or some other service! This wizard makes it almost too easy!

Speed Writing “eBook Outline” Wizard v1.0

Use this wizard to create outlines for your books, ebooks, special reports and more. You can then take the output and outsource the outline to a ghost writer, farm out parts of it, or use it as your own roadmap to write / create your content. Makes creating an organized, logical outline for an ebook a snap!

Marketing & Traffic

“Automatic Marketing Message” Wizard V1.0

Create the entire follow-up email marketing sequence for your product with the click of a mouse! Ebook / webinar / free report – doesn’t matter! Use this wizard to create a 7-Day email follow-up sequence along with templates to create a virtually unlimited number of follow-up messages to load into your autoresponder sequences. This wizard truly creates autopilot income from your emails!

Jim’s “Easy Tweet” Wizard V1.0

Creates the first draft of tweets using proven formulas – especially if you’re not sure where to start.
Works for announcements, calls to action, and general sharing.
This wizard takes formulas we KNOW work and helps you come up with the first draft you can then massage for your own situation(s)!

Jim’s “Email / Blog Post Tip” Express Wizard V1.0

Use this wizard to create quick Tips you can use in Email, Facebook, Blog Posts and more!

It creates the headline, intro, conclusion and call to action. All you have to do is answer the questions in the middle to give people a great, quick, bite-sized tip you can deliver in email or on Facebook.

Jim’s “Personal Ad Copy” Wizard v1.0

Creates the ad copy for those curiosity inducing ads you see on various news sites and blogs and are PROVEN to get CCTs (Curiosity Click-Throughs)… Helps you brainstorm the first draft instantly so you can get your ads created quickly and start driving traffic!

Jim’s “Press Release” Wizard V1.0

This wizard will help you in writing a press release. Just fill in the blanks, click the button, and PRESTO, out pops an outline for your own amazing and effective press release.

Jim’s “Stealth Close” Wizard V1.0

Create “Under-The-Radar” Calls To Action That Force People To Do What You Want…

Jim’s “Post Show Promo” Wizard V1.0

Creates the entire follow-up sequence for marketing AFTER a webinar, including emails, blog posts, Tweets, and Facebook updates! Works for both live webinars AND for pre-recorded webinars or replays… Takes all the guesswork out of creating follow-up messages that actually work in sequence… this wizard takes formulas we KNOW work and helps you come up with the first draft you can then massage for your own situation(s)!